The first EVER Christian Witches Convention took place on Easter Weekend 2019 in Salem, Massachusetts with a gang of rebels who knew we were cutting against the grain, and love it. Make history. Be a misfit. Join us. (Oh, and if you're wondering why that lady on the front row has a humongous red wig on, that's my take on Mytle Snow lol. This pic was snapped at the Christian Witches Ball on Saturday night, themed American Horror Story.)

  • IF YOu're ready to make history, there's no better place to do it than at the CHRISTIAN WITCHES CONVENTION 2022...

    Thursday - Sunday

    Memorial Day Weekend: May 26-29, 2022

    in New Orleans, LA, USA

    In 2020 and 2021, the Convention was not held as the world experienced a 'global meditation.'

    We're back. Like we never left.








    Though the Convention is catered to Christian Witches, we welcome and honor ALL people and ALL faith walks. We are an 'open arms' global community. As long as you come in love and peace, you're welcome to join us for a Magickal Weekend of Witchy deliciousness in New Orleans!






  • The Christian Witches movement is in full swing globally, and we're here to do our share in making sure the fire burns bright FOR CHRISTIAN WITCHES ALL OVER THE GLOBE TO EXPERIENCE FREEDOM OF WORSHIP & FREEDOM OF DEVOTION.


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  • 2022 Christian Witches Convention SCHEDULE:

    A full schedule will be posted here shortly for you. For now, take note of the start and end of our event:

    Starts: Thursday, May 26, 2022 @7 PM

    Concludes: Sunday, May 29, 2022 @12 Noon

    (It's Memorial Day Weekend, so we thought you might want to spend time with your family in New Orleans on Sunday and Monday.)

    Thursday, May 26th @7 PM - Opening Ritual & Reception

    Wear your Witchiest gear and head to the opening ceremonies for the Christian Witches Convention 2022. All are welcome, including kids! Remember, to enter the reception, EACH PERSON 18 and over must have a ticket.

    Friday, May 27th @9 AM - Classes & Workshops

    Classes and workshops all day today from 9 to 5 on Christian Witchcraft, Christian Magick, Bible Magick & Spells and more from esteemed teachers and High Priestesses in the Christian Witches tradition. Be prepared to learn shocking intricacies of the Bible, Christianity and Magick. We have a field trip on Friday... to where else but CEMETERIES.

    Saturday, May 28th @9 AM - Classes & Panel Discussion

    More workshops and a panel discussion on the origins of Christian Witchcraft, Christian Magick and Christian Mystics. Learn from practitioners of this sacred art and expand your own magickal practices, rituals and celebrations.

    Saturday, May 28th @8 PM - Christian Witches Ball!

    Saturday night at the Christian Witches Convention is a party with a theme: the MATRIX (the ORIGINAL). Put on your BEST Matrix outfit and see if you can win this prize money (1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winners will be judged at the event and cash will be handed out... will you win?) We want to see your BEST MATRIX OUTFIT and you to EMBODY THE CHARACTER you are portraying!

    The first Christian Witches Ball was themed American Horror Story Coven (that's why we look so nutty in the pics on this page lol). Now it's time for the MATRIX...

    Sunday, May 29th @11 AM - Christian Witches Church

    The Christian Witches Church service at the first Christian Witches Convention was held on Resurrection Sunday and all of us who were present will never forget the resonance of deep connection and palpable Magick in the room in Salem. This year, we're holding a full blow Christian Witches Church service with musical guests and more! GET YOUR PRAISE ON.

    Soon we'll post speakers, workshop teachers, panel discussion participants, musical guests and more (with their pics and bios). Check back often...

    In the meantime, we thought you might like to see pics from our Witchy adventures at the first ever, historic Christian Witches Convention in Salem...



    This year, as we have in the past, we're partnering with brands and businesses in the Witchy community for mutual growth and expansion! As a brand partner, you receive significant promotion before, during and after the event, as well as features on all our websites, branded content creation for all our social media outlets, dedicated space at the event for your products and services, signage at the event, as well as the opportunity to address our attendees at the convention. We'll design the perfect package for you considering your desired outcomes and marketing budget (brand partnerships are $5,000 to $25,000 for this event).


    To begin the conversation, please tell us more about your brand:

  • THE READER's studio

    Gifted and Masterful Readers serve your every divination need in the Reader's Studio at the Christian Witches Convention 2022!

    If you'd like to be a reader at the Christian Witches Convention:

    To be a reader requires that your skill level and practice align with the intentions and practices of the Christian Witches community. We've prepared a brief application so that we can get to know you better and determine if your offerings perfectly align and match our attendees.


    The fee to be a reader at the Christian Witches Convention is $1,111 payable 30 days in advance of the Convention. The fee includes:

    2 Tickets to the Christian Witches Convention 2022

    A rectangular 6-foot table

    2 chairs

    You are welcome to bring your own tablecloth, reading cloths, etc. for creating the perfect sacred space for your gifts to unfold for our attendees. Of course, you set your own fees for readings and keep 100% of the proceeds.

    We appreciate you and your willingness to apply as a reader! If selected, we will email you the Reader's Studio Agreement and you will then submit payment. As a reader, you'll also be featured on the Christian Witches Convention 2022 website and in marketing materials, so we'll require professional photos of you and/or your work and a brief bio.

  • A Look at the offerings of A FEW OF our readers & vendors

    at the historic first ever Christian witches convention

    Held in Salem, Mass, USA on Easter weekend in 2019.

    Apply to be a vendor or reader HERE.


    Crystals, candles, incense, oils, spiritual supplies, herbs, natural care products and more are all highly valued by our attendees.


    We especially love authors and books! Books favored by our attendees are on the subjects of Magick, Astrology, Mysticism, Bible Magick, Hoodoo, Rootworking, Christian Witchcraft, Christian Magick and all magickal and/or spiritual paths including Shamanism, Yoruba, Santeria, Voodoo, Akan, 21 Divisions, etc.

    Energy Practitioners

    We also love energy healers and practitioners and can provide space for energy sessions with your clients. The work pictured here is by B.E.S.T. Master Practitioner Dr. Jewa Lea at the first ever Christian Witches Convention.

    Your Branded Products

    We love magickal and spiritual concoctions, elixirs and natural products created by our community! 

  • FAQ's

    Answering a few frequently asked questions...

    Is the Christian Witches Convention ONLY for Christian Witches?

    NO. The Convention is open to ALL. We cater to and create our offerings for Christian Witches, yet ALL people of ALL faith walks are welcome. We hold all religions in high regard and welcome and honor all faith walks. We also welcome ALL Magickal Practitioners, including Hoodoo Rootworkers, Voodoo Priests & Priestesses, Yoruba and Akan Priest & Priestesses, those who practice Santeria and 21 Divisions, Wiccans, Solomonic Magicians and ALL magickal practitioners who are aligned with FREEDOM of WORSHIP and FREEDOM of DEVOTION for ALL people. We welcome those who are aligned with and friends of Christian Witches, though not Christian Witches. We also welcome families and friends of Christian Witches. This gathering is an amazing space for all Magickal Beings!

    Why does this convention exist?

    Christian Witches as a global community can benefit from convening for the purposes of deepening connections, creating and building relationships with other Christian Witches and Magickal Practitioners. Some Christian Witches are maligned, while others feel alone in their walk. We pray this convention is a BEACON of LIGHT & LOVE for all Magickal Beings, especially Christian Witches.

    When and where is the event held?

    The Christian Witches Convention is being held in 2022 in New Orleans! This location was given us by Spirit as a location pulsing with old magick. Here you come alive. Here you can get your magick on!


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